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Hello, Dolly!

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album

20th Century Fox Records 5103 / Philips 810368 - 1969 / 1994

Producer (1969 Release): Murray Spivack.

Proucer (1994 Release): Nick Redman.

  • Just Leave Everything To Me (3:22)
  • It Takes A Woman (3:03)
  • It Takes A Woman (reprise) (2:13)
  • Put On Your Sunday Clothes (5:27)
  • Ribbons Down My Back (2:26)
  • Dancing (3:26)
  • Before The Parade Passes By (4:50)
  • Elegance (2:55)
  • Love Is Only Love (3:07)
  • Hello, Dolly! (7:50)
  • It Only Takes A Moment (4:07)
  • So Long Dearie (2:36)
  • Finale (4:16)


  • This was the second of three albums to Prominantly Feature Barbra not to be released through Columbia Records. The first was "Funny Girl (Broadway)" and the third was "Funny Lady."
  • One single was released commercailly from this soundtrack, "Before The Parade Passes By." The single version is slightly edited and contains a refrain of "Hello, Dolly!" as an intro.
  • The second single release was only released to radio stations and was for "Hello, Dolly!" This single was a slightly remixed version of the title song and was edited down to 4:40.
  • Two catalog numbers are listed above as the first is the original release on Vinyl and the second is for the Remastered and Remixed 1994 Compact Disc Re-issue.
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