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Funny Lady

Origianl Soundtrack Recording


Arista AQ 9004 - 1975

Producer: Rick Chertoff.

  • How Lucky Can You Get (4:51)
  • So Long, Honey Lamb (3:10)
  • I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store) (1:58)
  • Isn't This Better (3:32)
  • Me And My Shadow (3:00)
  • If I Love Again (3:08)
  • I Got A Code In My Doze (1:14)
  • (It's Gonna Be A) Great Day (5:17)
  • Blind Date (5:07)
  • Am I Blue? (3:23)
  • It's Only A Paer Moon / I Like Him (1:04)
  • It's Only A Paer Moon / I Like Her (2:38)
  • More Than You Know (2:32)
  • Clap Hands, Here Comes Charley (2:13)
  • Let's Hear It For Me (3:11)


  • Barbra does not appear on any tracks in italics.
  • "How Lucky Can You Get" is yet another take. Completely different ending too!
  • "If I Love Again" is also another take.
  • "Let's Hear It For Me" is a completely differnt take. The track is so different its almost a different song! The arrangement is a bit different and true to form, Barbra does perform different vocals.
  • This Quadraphonic Album is out of print.

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