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A Happening In Central Park

Columbia 9710 - 1968

Producer: Jack Gold.

  • I Can See It (3:01)
  • Love Is Like A Newborn Child (2:51)
  • Folk Monologue / Value (4:50)
  • Cry Me A River (2:56)
  • People (from the Motion Picture "Funny Girl") (4:40)
  • He Touched Me (3:14)
  • Marty The Martian / The Sound Of Music / Mississippi Mud / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2:43)
  • Natural Sounds (from "The Juggler") (3:08)
  • Second Hand Rose (3:08)
  • Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night) (3:29)
  • Happy Days Are Here Again (3:22)


  • This is an edited version of the 2 1/2 hour free concert held in, where else, Central Park. THe total time of the album is 37 1/2 minutes. The song order has been restructured and re-edited from the original. The vidoe release features an even different song order and a longer run time. Some of the tracks on this album are edited together with performances from the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles from December of 1967. Not exactly "Central Park," is it?
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