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The Normal Heart

The Broadway Benefit Reading

Simon & Schuster Audio 88285 - 1994


  • Introduction
  • Scene 1: The office of Dr. Emma Brookner (July 1981)
  • Scene 2: Felix's Desk at the New York Times (September 1981)
  • Scene 3: Ben's Law office (October 1981)
  • Ned's Apartment (November 1981)
  • Ned's Apartment (March 1982)
  • Ben's Law office (May 1982)
  • Ned's Apartment (October 1982)


  • Emma's Apartment (October 1982)
  • A meeting room in City Hall (October 1982)
  • Emma's Office (October 1982)
  • The Orginazation's old office (February 1983)
  • Emma and the Examining Doctor
  • The organazation's new offices-to-be (April 1983)
  • Ned's Apartment
  • Ben's Law Office (May 1984)
  • Felix's Hospital Room (May 1984)


  • Barbra only appears on the first track. She does an ntroduction for this special Benefit Reading.
  • All funds raised from the sale of this special reading go to Equity Fights Aids. A Broadway Foundation for helping raise funds for AIDS Awareness and Cures.
  • Some of the stars who appear in this special reading are Kevin Bacon, Stockard Channing, Harry Hamlin, John Turturro, Tony Roberts and Eric Bogosian.
  • This release is no longer in print.

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