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Funny Girl

Original Soundtrack Recording

Columbia Masterworks 3220 - 1968

Producer: Jack Gold.

  • Overture (3:57)
  • I'm The Greatest Star (4:03)
  • If A Girl Isn't Pretty (2:23)
  • Roller Skate Rag (1:59)
  • I'd Rather Be Blue Over YOu (Than Happy With Somebody Else) (2:35)
  • His Loves Makes Me Beautiful (5:36)
  • People (5:01)
  • You Are Woman, I Am Man (4:21)
  • Don't Rain On My Parade (2:37)
  • Sadie, Sadie (4:17)
  • The Swan (2:48)
  • Funny Girl (2:41)
  • My Man (2:17)
  • Finale (2:20)


  • Barbra does not appear on any tracks in italics.
  • There was also a Quadraphonic album released which contained some alternate versions of some of the songs.
  • Two singles were released from this album. The first was an alternate version of "Funny Girl" which had a different vocal arrangement and featured more ochestra and was almost 2 minutes longer. The B-Side was a completely different version of "I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (Than Happy With Somebody Else)." THe second was the album version of "My Man" with the B-Side being a different vocal take of "Don't Rain On My Parade."
  • "My Man" was a Fanny Brice standard that was included to give the film a little more authenticity.
  • With the addition of "Funny Girl" and "My Man," moviegoers and record buyers lost two of the best songs from the original Broadway version, "Who Are You Now?" and "The Music That Makes Me Dance."
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