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Je M'apelle Barbra

Columbia 9347 - 1966

Producer: Ettore Stratta.

  • Free Again (3:45)
  • Autumn Leaves (2:54)
  • What Now My Love? (2:44)
  • Ma Priemere Chanson (2:24)
  • Clopin Clopant (3:14)
  • Le Mur (2:39)
  • I Wish You Love (3:04)
  • Speak To Me Of Love (2:55)
  • Love And Learn (2:33)
  • Once Upon A Summertime (3:40)
  • Martina (2:24)
  • I've Been Here (2:32)


  • This album was recorded while Barbra was pregnant with her son, Jason Gould.
  • "Free Again" was the only single released for this album.
  • There were a few songs recorded for this album that were nt included in its final release. Two of them, "Les Enfants Qui Pleurant" and "Et La Mer" were released shortly after the album was released on a special EP entitled "En Francais."
  • Barbra toured shortly before this album was released with a concert called "An Evening With Barbra Streisand." She performed a few of the songs from this album including "What Now My Love."
  • Barbra composed the music for the song "Ma Premiere Chanson." (Hence the title (translated) "My First Song".)
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