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The Main Event

Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Columbia 57376 - 1979

Producers: Barwood Films, Ltd. and Gary Le Mel

  • The Main Event / Fight (11:39)
  • The Body Shop (5:14)
  • The Main Event / Fight (Short Version) (4:55)
  • Copeland Meets The Coasters / Get A Job (0:57)
  • Big Girls Don't Cry (2:27)
  • It's Your Foot Again (3:09)
  • Angry Eyes (2:25)
  • I'd Clean A Fish For You (1:03)
  • The Main Event (Ballad Version) (4:16)


  • Barbra does not appear on tracks in italics.
  • This soundtrack contains 3 versions of "The Main Event." 2 of which appeared on singles. The short version was released on 7" singles paired with "Short Version" (3:59) and the other was with "Instrumental Version" (4:59.) The 12" single version appears as Track One on this album.
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