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My Name Is Barbra

Columbia 9136 - 1964

Producer: Robert Mersey.

  • My Name Is Barbra (0:53)
  • A Kid Again / I'm Five (2:05)
  • Jenny Rebecca (3:04)
  • My Pa (2:30)
  • Sweet Zoo (1:37)
  • Where Is The Wonder? (2:19)
  • I Can See It (3:07)
  • Someone To Watch Over Me (2:43)
  • I've Got No Strings (2:49)
  • If You Were The Only Boy In The World (3:28)
  • Why Did I Choose You? (2:49)
  • My Man (2:57)


  • This is a "pseudo-soundtrack" for Barbra's first television special. Many tracks contain alternate takes to those used on the specal. Many didn't even appear on the special.
  • Two singles were released for this album. "Why Did I Choose You?" with "My Love," and "My Man" with "Where Is The Wonder?"
  • The single for "Why Did I Choose You?" featured a longer version (3:47) of the song than what originally appeared on the album. When the compact disc was issued, the long version is featured instead of the original version! The only place to get the original version on comapact disc is "Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits."
  • "My Love" which is featured as the B-Side of "Why Did I Choose You?" is an alternate version of "My Pa."
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