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Columbia 9015 - 1964

Producer: Robert Mersey.

  • Absent Minded Me (3:10)
  • When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do) (3:00)
  • Fine And Dandy (2:53)
  • Supper Time (2:51)
  • Will He Like Me? (2:36)
  • How Does The Wine Taste? (2:38)
  • I'm All Smiles (2:16)
  • Autumn (1:57)
  • My Lord And Master (3:02)
  • Love Is A Bore (2:13)
  • Don't Like Goodbyes (3:16)
  • People (3:42)


  • Two singles were released from this album, "People" and "Absent Minded Me."
  • The "People" single featured the non-album solo version of "You Are Woman" from Funny Girl re-titled "I Am Woman."
  • The single for "Absent Minded Me" featured another non-album track. This time it was the release of the cut uptempo song "Funny Girl" from the show of the same name.
  • A third single was released promotionally, "I'm All Smiles."
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