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The Way We Were

Columbia 32801 - 1974

Producers: Tommy LiPuma, Marty Paich and Wally Gold

  • Being At War With Each Other (4:02)
  • Something So Right (4:26)
  • The Best Thing You've Ever Done (2:50)
  • The Way We Were (3:30)
  • All In Love Is Fair (3:51)
  • What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (3:20)
  • Summer Me, Winter Me (2:55)
  • Pieces of Dreams (3:27)
  • I've Never Been A Woman Before (2:44)
  • MEDLEY: My Buddy / How About Me (4:09)


  • Album was reissued and subsequentially issued on Compact Disc as "Barbra Streisand Featuring the hit single The Way We Were and All In Love Is Fair" per legal action from the producer of the film of the same name.
  • "The Way We Were" was released as single with an alternate vocal arrangement.
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