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The Way We Were


Columbia CQ 32801 - 1973

Producers: Tommy LiPuma, Marty Paich and Wally Gold

  • Being At War With Each Other (4:01)
  • Something So Right (4:23)
  • The Best Thing You've Ever Done (2:50)
  • The Way We Were (3:32)
  • All In Love Is Fair (3:50)
  • What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (3:19)
  • Summer Me, Winter Me (2:53)
  • Pieces of Dreams (3:29)
  • I've Never Been A Woman Before (2:45)
  • MEDLEY: My Buddy / How About Me (4:09)


  • "The Way We Were" is an alternate version to that on The Way We Were.
  • "Being At War With Each Other" has alternate vocal takes and orchestral angles than the one issude on The Way Were.
  • Quadraphonic LP is no longer available for purchase.

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