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Scattered Memories...

Columbia Samp C692--Promotional Release/Australian Barbra Streisand Association/Cassette Only

Cassette One

  • Happy Days Are Here Again(7" Alternate)
  • When The Sun Comes Out(7" Alternate)
  • Lover, Come Back To Me(7" Alternate)
  • My Coloring Book(7" Alternate)
  • I Am Woman(7" B-Side)
  • Cornet Man(Alternate Mono Version)
  • Funny Girl(7" B-Side)(1964)
  • Why Did I Choose You?(7" Extended Version)
  • My Love(7" B-Side/Alternate version of "My Pa")
  • I Like Him(7" B-Side)
  • You Wanna Bet?(7" B-Side)
  • Les Enfants Qui Pleurent(7" French EP Track)
  • Et La Mer(7" French EP Track)
  • Look(7" B-Side)
  • Our Corner Of The Night(7" A-Side)
  • He Could Show Me(7" B-Side)
  • Funny Girl(7" Alternate)(1968)
  • I'd Rather Be Blue Over You(Than Happy With Somebody Else)(7" Alternate)
  • Don't Rain On My Parade(7" Alternate)
  • Frank Mills(7" A-Side)
  • Before The Parade Passes By(7" Alternate)
  • Hello, Dolly!(7" Promo Alternate)
  • The Best Thing You've Ever Done(7" Alternate)
  • On A Clear Day(You Can See Forever)(7" Promo Alternate)
  • Time And Love(7" Alternate)
  • You're The Top(With Ryan O'Neal)(7" Promo)
  • If I Close My Eyes(7" A-Side)
  • The Way We Were(7" Alternate)
  • For Pete's Sake(Don't Let Him Down)(7" Promo)
  • How Lucky Can You Get(7" Alternate)
  • Let's Hear It For Me(Q-Sound Version)

    Cassette Two

  • How Lucky Can You Get(Slow Alternate)
  • Shake Me Wake Me(When Its Over)(Long Version)
  • Sempreverde(Evergreen--Italian)
  • Tema De Amor De "Nace Una Estrella"(Sempreverde)(Evergreen--Spanish)
  • De Reve En Reverie(Evergreen--French)
  • Promises(7" Remix)
  • Promises(12" Remix)
  • Papa, Can You Hear Me?(7" Alternate)
  • Left In The Dark(7" Edit)
  • Emotion(7" Remix)
  • Emotion(12" Remix)
  • Somewhere(7" Edit)
  • Till I Loved You(With Don Johnson)(Long Version)
  • What If It Takes All Night(Barbra on background vocals only.)
  • We're Not Makin' Love Anymore(Single Version)
  • Children Will Listen(Promo with Lullaby and Spoken Intro)
  • The Music Of The Night(With Michael Crawford)(Edit)
  • I've Got A Crush On You(With Frank Siantra)(Edit)
  • Ordinary Miracles(Studio Version)
  • Ordinary Miracles(Live Version--Las Vegas)


  • This is a promotonal release from the Australian Barbra Streisand Association.
  • It was only available on cassette.
  • Proceeds raised from the sale of this cassette compilation were donated to AIDS Research in Australia.
  • The Australian Barbra Streisand Association did a wonderful job presenting some rare and unavailable single only tracks on the whole. As a concept, this was an incredible idea. However, the quality of many recordings needed much improvement. Many tracks contained too much bass and several of the later recordings which were available on various Compact Disc Singles throughout the world were actually recorded so high that distortion was evident!
  • Also of note is the decision to include tracks such as "You Wanna Bet" and "You're The Top" which are featured on "Just for the record..." and the exclusion of many alternate versions or single versions such as the 12" Remix Version of "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)," the Promotional Single Version of "The Main Event / Fight," not to mention the exclusion of many Quadraphonic Versions. It is nice to see that the Soundtrack Memories version of "How Lucky Can You Get?," though not a single, was included as well as the wonderful Quadraphonic Version of "Let's Here It For Me."
  • The cover art depicted above is for the CD-R set (see below) that I have restored and compiled from this collection. The CD-R Version is 3 Discs.
  • If interrested in obtaining a CD-R copy of this recording which I have been painstakingly restoring over the years with better quality tracks, please contact me.
  • TECHNICAL NOTE: Due to imperfections inherent on the original copy of this recording, some sound distortions may be audible on some of these tracks.

    Special Thanks to Louise Glaser for sharing her "Scattered Memories..." with me. Thanks also to Mark Bliss and the Australian Barbra Streisand Association for this collecton.

    1996-2001 The Ultimate Barbra Streisand Experience. Heath David Castor, Webmaster.